Friday, March 26, 2010

Briley Jordyn

As I mentioned before Nicholas and I had some decisions that needed to be made as far as our baby. We were in the stage of an "optional" burial. We never wanted to bury another child but to know what happens to it at the hospital just devastated us. So we went in this morning to fill out paperwork before the surgery and we decided to do it, then against it, and then again for it. Once our decision was made they hospital staff then proceded to bring us the death certificate to fill out. I'll be honest, as a parent, I NEVER EVER want to see another one of those papers. That was tough on us. It was hard with Miranda when they handed us her birth certificate and then stacked on top of it was a death certificate form. This time it was a death certificate before we got anything more than a glimpse of our baby on the ultrasound machine. With Miranda we were able to spend the time we needed with her before we had to "give her up". We held her in our arms. And now Briley we have to wait til we get to heaven to even see our baby.
We had a name picked out for a girl, Bryleigh Joy and for a boy we've always had the same two boys names picked out since we found out we were pregnant with Ashalyn So both of those names being gender neutral names we came to the agreement of Briley Jordyn for our sweet baby that awaits us in heaven. Right now our memorial is pending with Short's funeral home where we will then lay our baby to rest right next to sister Miranda, and where one day Nicholas and I will also make as our final resting place. We still are unsure of whether we made the right decision but it was made and we can't look back now. I believe this way we will find more comfort in the healing process.
So to our 2 sweet sweet babies, Miranda Lyn and Briley Jordyn...we love you both tremendously and though we feel you left us way to soon on an early flight to heaven we will remember you always and cannot wait for the day to meet you again in Heaven!! Until then we will continue taking care of your big sister, Ashalyn and giving her extra love and support as she encounters this nasty nasty world and we will always be telling her of her baby siblings!!!! We all love you!!!

I'm actually feeling pretty good physically. I have very minimal pain, but I have yet another empty feeling in my heart. That's the part that takes the longest to move on from. Thank you again everyone for your constant prayers. I think that is one of the few things that continue to keeps us going.


Kristen said...

We send you all our love and prayers!

Mom said...

Again tears come to my eyes. My heart is heavy. We love you guys and continue to pray for you.

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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