Tuesday, July 29, 2008

now the wait

Now it is just waiting! We are officially done with lamaze and partners in pregnancy. All that has me a little nervous because they showed an actual csection and then they talked about all the bleeding that occurs, all the possibilities that could happen etc. But I think I'm more anxious that it outweighs my nervousness. Really we do not have a ton planned for the month of August so it feels like September is forever away. We are trying to keep busy and have a few things going on, such as mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary party, Cayman's benefit, a friend coming into town, I'm making applesauce this week and doing up corn next week. But other than that, that's it. I start going to the dr. every week now so that will help a little too. Which by the way, my last dr. visit was a bit discouraging. I was hoping he'd at least tell me I was a little dialated....but NOTHING!! Says baby's head is down in position and ready but there's no dialating yet. But I guess I can't rush it. So far with this pregnancy I have gained 24 pounds but still have a month to go. In the last 6 weeks I havent gained a pound so I don't know if I will pack them on in the end or not. I really have not had a whole lot of an appetite with the weather being so warm. I hope to keep my weight though within the 25-35 pound range that he said was normal and healthy!! Nick and I have continued our walking routine, some days its not far at all, just up to the post office and back and others we take a mile or two hike!! :-) Depends how I am feeling. But really nothing too new to report. Just that dr. said baby is there so now it just depends when I start contracting consistantly for labor.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Ugh, what a day!!
Had to go to work early today because I am taking off early for dr. appointment. Went to bed early because I was laying on the couch last night watching tv with my husband and he was rubbing my head and definately put me to sleep! woke up at 4 with the worst cramps ever in my legs, back, butt and low stomach!! Could not for the life of me fall back to sleep. Now at work, I honestly do not feel well, completely exhausted and drained. I go to stand up and I can feel every muscle and then some in my low stomach stretch. It feels as though Ashalyn is trying to tear all my insides to pieces. I have to stop in my tracks and bend with the pain of the piercing tearing muscles. ha, now I don't know that they are really tearing, guessing it's more stretching and getting ready for baby...but goodness i feels like they are ripping!! We have a dr. appointment later today and then right after is rehearsal for a wedding Nick is in this weekend. I honestly do not feel like going, but Nick is begging me to come, so gotta be there for him!! Will update more after appointment!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a little excitement!!

Last night was interesting to say the least. I spent my evening up at the hospital under the impression that we just might have the baby. 2 nights ago, while going for a walk my stomach started contracting. Pretty consistant about every 4-7 minutes. They were doable though. So I kept walking. Then something strange and unusual began to happen. My entire stomach hardened just like a contraction but it never released. I walked for another 20 minutes thinking that would help. It didn't hurt, it was just the pressure was uncomfortable. So as I'm walking it gets harder and harder.
After 30 minutes like this Nicholas convinces me to at least call up to the OB department at the hospital. It rang and rang. Receptionist said they were in the middle of delivering a baby so I just decided to head home from the walk, take a shower and head to bed. By the time I took my warm shower the hardness slowly would release and then come back, release and come, etc for about 15 more minutes but only staying strong for a few seconds this time.
During the night then I was awaken by 2 different contractions and then 2 in the morning. I got to work and as I am talking with Crystal I had another one that I just talked my way through. I did not want to leave her with no sitter for the day so I didn't even mention it. Went through out the day, and my stomach continued to harden for great lengths of time and mom finally convinced me to call my doctor. And of course, it was his day off. I left a message with what was happening and said, but I see you on Friday so unless I hear from you I'll just wait til then, not thinkin' I'd hear anything because it was his day off. A
bout 4 hours later I received a phone call from the on call dr. saying his nurse happened to listen to my dr. voicemail for some reason (usually doesnt happen) and he decided I must go to the hospital and be hooked up to the monitor. If there was any stress on the baby we would be delivering! So...I fire off a text to Nick at work and tell him. I was still at work and had about an hour to go yet so I just waited it out. Nick went home and had time for his hair cut appt. that he had scheduled so I told him to go. That gave me time to go home after work get a bag completely together, the car seat, etc. just in case.
So now at this point I am hooked up to the machine and at first the contraction part of it was going crazy. (My stomach was still hard but not releasing like a normal contraction would.) It never really calmed down until the nurse brought me some water and I started drinking that. They gave me one of those huge mugs and told me to finish it. I stayed hooked up for a little over an hour and by the end my stomach was softened and baby's heartrate was good they said. The contractions at this point were at a consistant timing but the moniter read them as straight up and then right back down after a few seconds.
According to the nurse we are nearing the end but not quite there yet. Which is fine, we want to at least wait til August 3rd, for baby's sake and so Nick can get paid to take an entire week and a half off with me and baby!! He is able to take the 6 week family medical leave with me but unpaid, but we decided the paid week and a half is enough.
Finally, the on call dr. called in to see how I was doing and gave them permission to release me. I was given orders though. 4 huge mugs of water a day and stay off my feet as much as possible til my appointment with my dr on friday. I don't understand that one but he went to school just a little longer than myself so I guess he probably knows a little more than me! I always thought it was a good thing to walk and keep active while pregnant. I've been walking lots!!
I will start wrapping this novel up, but a few more thoughts. Last night Nicholas and I got to listen to our baby's beautiful heartbeat for over an hour straight. That was so amazing and actually made us all the more anxious for her arrival. I realized last night the importance of having a bag and everything ready. If I would have been truly in labor I think I would have delivered either at home or in the car on the way. And finally, it was so GREAT to hear the nurse say when she was checking me, "Baby is there!!" So now it's just waiting!! It could be a few weeks yet, but she's getting into position and ready to grace us!! It is such an AMAZING feeling and blessing knowing soon she will be out of the womb and in our arms!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have officially lost my mind! It took me all day today to figure out my password to here. Then on top of that our friends John and Becky called us up and asked if we could watch their 3 kids for the weekend so they could have a weekend alone at the lake. I was so excited about this. They have a 5th grader, a 2nd (?) grader and a newborn (well, he was born the end of Feb.) I sat and thought and thought and thought...thinking something was going on but could not for the life of me think what. So I said sure...well then remembered Nick is in a wedding this weekend. So unfortunately I probably won't be watching the kids. I was talking to my sister and told her "I'll stop by either tomorrow or Wednesday." She says, Uh, tomorrow is Wednesday!! I've completely lost it, I'm telling ya!! And to top it off...here's another story, the worst one yet.....So I think this story is cute, but it could be just my many many emotions I have running on and on NONSTOP!!I stopped by the post office after work yesterday to get our mail. Normally by the time I get there the post master, Cookie, is gone for the evening. I may have gotten there a few minutes earlier than normal, but it was a little ironic. There was nothing in our box but a little slip to see the postmaster. As soon as she saw me, she says, "Hi Valerie! Just wondering if you happen to know an Ashalyn Rice?" I stood there for a minute to think about it. The name sounded really familiar, but I usually just call her Ashalyn...so being in the midst of small contractions and not really thinkin' I pause even longer and then blurt out, "That's my baby!" Ha, now at this point there are 3 other people behind me, whom all know me. (I live in a very small town with only 200 some post office boxes.) and they are laughing at this point. Cookie then says, "well, she has mail!" Completely confused out of my mind, I just kinda drag out an "okaaaay?" with an extremely confused look on my face. How could she have mail already with no birth certificate, record of her name, nothing. haha!! But it was a very unexpected package from a good friend of mine, an old college roommate!! It was addressed to Mr and Mrs Rice "Ashalyn". The only names on our PO Box though are Nick and myself so that's where the confusion came in at the po. But yes, I am starting to lose my mind, if it hasn't gone completely. But it was such a fun little surprise and Ashalyn's first "piece of mail". So I'm sure I'll some how do a scrapbook page!! :-) Thanks to Emily and her beautiful son Cadyn, who I was told picked out the blankets!!! Made for a fun little day at the post office and a cute little story to tell!!

All these gifts for our beautiful baby from these two wonderful people!! Cadyn and Emily!

Monday, July 14, 2008

yucky feeling today

So, something super strange is going on with my body today. I woke up with an extreme amount of pressure right at my pelvic bone. When I walk around the pressure seems to intensify. I had been having contractions over the weekend that have had me stop in my tracks, but they have not been consistant. This pressure is in the same place as the contractions but doesn't feel the same. After a few minutes of walking, hoping Ashalyn would maybe try a new position of laying the pressure remained but was accompanied by vomiting yet again. So far the sick feeling really hasnt left and I had a little dizzy spell not too long ago. I am sort of hoping maybe all this is just my body getting ready to go into labor. However, it is still a little early. I am only 32 1/2 weeks and want to at least try to make it to the 36 week mark, but if guarenteed she's healthy I wouldn't mind delivering earlier. I am ready for the pressure to go away, the vomitting, and the constant questions of...how much longer do you have, you really are starting to look pregnant (no duh), wow, you look like you've dropped majorly, the other day I just got done throwing up and someone says, "how you been feeling lately?" Um....as if I have to tell you!! Anyways, that's enough of that....just really not sure why I feel so different today!!
I had the first of my many baby showers yesterday. It was a fun little time with family and friends. As I was opening gifts I come to a present that had a card that looked a LOT like my husbands writing. Thought that was odd. I opened it up and sure enough it was from Nicholas. Just wanted to send a little something thanking me again for giving him our baby. It was the willow tree ornament "our gift" with mom, dad and baby! He bought me one for our wedding and one when i found out I was pregnant and now one for baby!! :-) He is so great!! It was a nice little surprise and it got all the ladies saying aww! We got lots of adorable little outfits for Ashalyn and I think she definately is going to be "just a little" spoiled!! :-)
Well, i think that's all for now! Just thought i'd update again!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

nothing real new!

I said I would keep this updated but really nothing has changed much. I STILL AM VERY VERY READY TO HAVE MY BABY! I am still throwing up some but not near as much. My blood pressure has been GREAT, but my swelling is still there! I have started contractions that can get painful but only last about 2 in an hour. So nothing close yet. We are looking at only a few more weeks. Doctor said I went into false labor, thinning my cervix but not dialating me!! So, I'm still waiting. Whcih is okay because it's still alittle early yet. He would at least like for me to hold off for 4 more weeks, which will seem like an eternity!! Really thats all I have for now, but after this weekend maybe I will try and figure out how to put pictures on!!! :-) Having one of my baby showers!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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