Monday, July 14, 2008

yucky feeling today

So, something super strange is going on with my body today. I woke up with an extreme amount of pressure right at my pelvic bone. When I walk around the pressure seems to intensify. I had been having contractions over the weekend that have had me stop in my tracks, but they have not been consistant. This pressure is in the same place as the contractions but doesn't feel the same. After a few minutes of walking, hoping Ashalyn would maybe try a new position of laying the pressure remained but was accompanied by vomiting yet again. So far the sick feeling really hasnt left and I had a little dizzy spell not too long ago. I am sort of hoping maybe all this is just my body getting ready to go into labor. However, it is still a little early. I am only 32 1/2 weeks and want to at least try to make it to the 36 week mark, but if guarenteed she's healthy I wouldn't mind delivering earlier. I am ready for the pressure to go away, the vomitting, and the constant questions much longer do you have, you really are starting to look pregnant (no duh), wow, you look like you've dropped majorly, the other day I just got done throwing up and someone says, "how you been feeling lately?" if I have to tell you!! Anyways, that's enough of that....just really not sure why I feel so different today!!
I had the first of my many baby showers yesterday. It was a fun little time with family and friends. As I was opening gifts I come to a present that had a card that looked a LOT like my husbands writing. Thought that was odd. I opened it up and sure enough it was from Nicholas. Just wanted to send a little something thanking me again for giving him our baby. It was the willow tree ornament "our gift" with mom, dad and baby! He bought me one for our wedding and one when i found out I was pregnant and now one for baby!! :-) He is so great!! It was a nice little surprise and it got all the ladies saying aww! We got lots of adorable little outfits for Ashalyn and I think she definately is going to be "just a little" spoiled!! :-)
Well, i think that's all for now! Just thought i'd update again!!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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