Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anonymous Comments!!

So, I had a whole blog typed out and tried posting it about how I'm not gonna be writing any more blogs because of the anonymous commenters. Yes, it's okay that i have people reading up on me, I have nothing to hide, but the fact that I'm pretty certain I have my ideas of who it is, I'm gonna stay away from giving anymore details out about my life!! Sorry guys!!!!

To my commenter (if it's who I think it is), I'm flattered that you still care so much, but our lives have led us in different directions. Know that I am EXTREMELY happy with my life and where I am at now!! I have ALL that I could ever ask for and have moved on in life!!!! AND NOW, I believe it's time for you to do the same!

And to the rest that read this and leave me comments here or by email. Thanks for your constant support through my pregnancy and with my dad! And all the wonderful encouragement (mostly to Kristen on that one!!). I wish I could continue to write on here when I need to, but.....for certain reasons, not the best thing!! I'll continue to update life and random things through my myspace and facebook!! Definately feel free to leave me messages there!!!! Or the few that sent me messages to my email, u can still do that! Love ya guys!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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