Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's been a LONG while...

As you can tell by the picture on the side bar it has been a while since I've posted in our blog. I gave up on blogging and I cannot promise how committed I will be this time around either. But so much has changed and yet stayed the same that I should update and find a place so you all know what we are doing with the money we are raising from our fundraisers.
Our adoption process is coming along. We cannot wait to be finished in all this "paperwork" and finally bring home our child/children. Right now our prayer is for twins from the Congo of Africa. It is very likely that the brother/sister set could be our referral...but as we are well aware referrals can fall through...and that's when we have to be able to say, "okay God, you have another family for them, and another child in mind for us."
And then we must TRUST that. We are anxious and cannot wait!

We sent out our first package to the twins. We had to send it to Florida where the ladies from the agency are that will be traveling to the Congo end of this week. So please pray for them as they travel and get to know these children and their needs better.

We've done a few fundraisers already. Valentine's day cupcake sales were a huge success, selling 52 dozen cupcakes! Thank you to Carey and Chloe Gochenour, Chelsea and Carla Rice for helping us make those.
My 31 open house party also brought in a little money for us. Thank you to Elizabeth Mohr and Carey Gochenour for your help there. And to Brittany Engle and Emily Yeary for booking parties to also help (as well as Liz and Carey). All these parties a percentage of sales will go towards our adoption and will go towards my goal of having our airline tickets paid for by the 31 company, an added incentive done by thirty one!
And to the people that have volunteered to take a baby bottle to fill thank you!! I will do a special post on that once it's done so u will be recognized with thanks!!
We will continue to update our process and different prayer requests!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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