Monday, March 17, 2008

long week/weekend

It's been a little since i've updated but we have been so busy this last week and weekend that I have not had the chance. I have still been having my morning sickness on occassion this week, but since the bags of fluid I have been feeling much better. I had a doctor's visit on Friday and we finally found the baby's heartbeat and it was going strong. We had the blood work done that checks for birth defects and I'm not sure really how I felt about that. He asked us and we had a minute to decide. I think if we would have thought about it we would have chose not to do it. The results of this test are not going to change anything for us as far as how we go about the pregnancy. We are starting to come to a conclusion as to why I have the morning sickness so bad, but even that has turned into a long complicated mess, which has led us to some legal issues. I have to admit Saturday was a very emotional day for me. Nicholas and i went and looked at a house we are interested in buying and were in such a whirlwind as what to do. Now is the perfect time to buy but we have a few setbacks right now that are causing us to debate. Sunday we went up to Ann Arbor and saw some friends of ours and their little newborn baby girl, Cayman. She is such a beautiful little baby and such a strong little girl. Her and her family could really use your prayers though!! They are such an awesome family and have been through so much!! And as for the rest of the evening we spent back at our old home and trying to work out some of the legal issues. That can be so discouraging. As for a good night's sleep, I am due! And think I am off to try and get a little more sleep. I have been up since 2am.

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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