Thursday, February 26, 2009

do you really want to say that to me?

I apologize to anyone who reads this, but I'm gonna vent a little on here. I am so frustrated by people coming up to me asking me if I'm sure I'm ready and if I'm gonna be able to handle another baby right now! I pray for patience with these people, but all I get is an anger that sweeps over me. I have never had any doubt in my mind that we can handle this! We knew what we were doing and I wish people would just get off of our backs about it! Nicholas knew before he married me that I wanted my children close in age and that I wanted to be done having them by the time I'm 30! (I'm 26 now) And he agreed with me that that was the best plan for us!! So personally, I wish people would let us live our lives, be happy for us and if they aren't just keep their opinions to themselves. I hear it all the time, "you sure are brave" "i can't believe your pregnant AGAIN" "all i can say is Good Luck" "i'm glad it's you and not me because I couldn't handle it" and so on, but those are the ones I hear most often!
Now yes, we did get pregnant a lot faster than we thought we would, but NO we were not doing anything to prevent it! We knew we were ready if it did happen! And quite frankly if I hear it again, I hope those people don't get offended when I start to defend myself. Because I AM TIRED OF HEARING IT!! Contrary to what people believe, this is not going to make us enjoy Ashalyn any less. The comment that hurts the worst is when people say, "don't you want to enjoy your time with Ashalyn while she's young." Trust me when I say this, Ashalyn is our life! We enjoy her to the fullest every day and will continue to when baby #2 arrives.
I have no doubt in my mind that Nick and I can and will be successful parents to two beautiful children no matter the age difference! I'm sorry, it's just super frustrating when people do not keep their opinions to themselves sometimes!!!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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