Wednesday, July 9, 2008

nothing real new!

I said I would keep this updated but really nothing has changed much. I STILL AM VERY VERY READY TO HAVE MY BABY! I am still throwing up some but not near as much. My blood pressure has been GREAT, but my swelling is still there! I have started contractions that can get painful but only last about 2 in an hour. So nothing close yet. We are looking at only a few more weeks. Doctor said I went into false labor, thinning my cervix but not dialating me!! So, I'm still waiting. Whcih is okay because it's still alittle early yet. He would at least like for me to hold off for 4 more weeks, which will seem like an eternity!! Really thats all I have for now, but after this weekend maybe I will try and figure out how to put pictures on!!! :-) Having one of my baby showers!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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