Tuesday, August 19, 2008

part 2

This is kindof in continuation to the last post on being patient. I have to ask myself every day "how?" Lord, how can I be patient? Work is stressing me out. For the last 2 months I have been walking almost 2 miles every day just trying to relax and let out some of this energy. I'm irritable. The little things get to me. I feel huge and unattractive. At the end of the day, when I'm laying in bed and Nicholas and I get ready to begin our prayers together, I look at him and say, "well, another day has come and gone and still no progress." And I begin to hope and pray, maybe during the night. Then after many hours of laying and watching the clock change, tossing and turning, I'm reminded by an obnoxious beep, that I must begin yet another day, another day of work, and another long day just anxiously wondering if today we will have any further progression of contractions or if we are only yet another minute closer to our baby girl. That's what it seems, minutes seem to be hours and the days seem to be weeks. Now I know every pregnant woman goes through this at this point... but why am I so bothered by the fact that she is still not here? Is it because all my life, as long as I remember, awaited this day. Children have always been so precious to me and since I've been on the woman's path of hormones, I have anxiously wanted and thrived to be a mother. Over and over I thought of things I want to do with my family, places I want to go, relive some of my childhood memories through my children. Horrible thoughts at night envade my dreams, with several reoccuring ones, that have scared me to no end. Is that why I am ready to hold her in my arms, so I can say they were only dreams. Labor and delivery is now starting to scare me. Part because of the dreams and part because its all I can think about, week after week, day after day, and now minute after minute. I'm having lots of patches of consistant contractions, 8 minutes apart, but after an hour or so of it they fade. I change activities or sit to relax and they deminish. So, as I've been told I'm having false labor. It's been going on for days now. Saturday night I thought for sure we would be holding our little girl in a matter of hours.....and then it all vanishes. And I have to start the process all over again. Or was it because of the horrible "unsure" due date? All along I was looking at September but every time I went in to the dr. I was reminded that August 14th was a good possibility still? So after being told over and over I began to put that date in my head and as it neared I got more and more excited. Now it is past and it makes September 3 seem sooooo far away. August 19th and I still do not know my due date, still uncomfortable, still fearing the process, and still not sure what will/is going to happen. Not knowing how my previously injured tailbone and lumbar will hold or if it will allow me to do it natural. Still so many unanswered questions....and I wonder if that's why my anxiety is so intense. So Lord, please tell me!! Or teach me for that matter, how???
As to many, I probably seem to be a baby. I have some intense pelvic pressure that I have had for near a month now. I have some back pain that causes my back to lock, sometimes sending me back to bed or tumbling into Nicholas' arms (all from a previous injury). But the dr is still insisting natural childbirth would be best. And honestly that does scare me. I would love to say I did it all natural and would love to be able to but the what ifs and how tos lead me to lots of question and all my anxiety. I feel great though, minus some of the aches and pain, stress and worry, physically I am full of energy and constantly on the go. I am finding ways to keep myself busy but cannot seem to bipass the thing that preoccupies me my mind the most!! So it's just mentally I AM A WRECK!!!!!
As you can tell I am drawn in 45.5 directions with all this and probably have many confused. Heck, I have myself confused!! But I've just past 18 minutes and one contraction later!!! Now if only knew that contraction did something and helped me to progress in any way!!!
But all this rambling being said, I still pray for my baby, for a healthy baby, and for whatever day to come, so we can celebrate her birth, her life, and celebrate the changing of our lives forever!!!! WE ARE SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love is Patient.....that's the test??!!

Every morning I wake up, go to the bathroom (its a pregnant thing), rubbed my belly and talk to little Ashalyn. Then I wonder to myself....is today the day?? Then I take the time to ask God to be with us and protect us throughout the day, to prepare me just in case, and teach me patience!! Yes, I am used to working with a classroom full of children and siblings that work each others nerves all day long....that does not phase me....but being patient in these circumstances....anxiously awaiting one of the most beautiful things ever, not knowing the exact moment your life will be forever changed, knowing you are about to receive the most incredible blessing ever...that is a true test of patience!! And sadly, I think I may be failing this test. I am so incredibly anxious that the thoughts of my baby girl is starting to consume my every thought. I wonder what she will look like, what the birth will feel like, will she have daddy and grandpa rice's crooked pinky, will she start out blonde like her daddy did, or will she sleep through her entire first night like her cousin Brett did, is she going to be healthy, will she recognize Nicholas' voice (he talks to her all the time), will I be able comfort her little cry? etc. It is nonstop filmage (is that a word) playing over and over in my mind. But each day I wonder....when will we be celebrating her birthday? Patience just is not my virtue these days! I try to keep my life busy by adding whatever to my agenda just to keep me going. I've cut off about 180 ears of corn to freeze for the winter. Last night I got my apples for applesauce, so that will consume tonight. Friday night Stephanie is coming into town. Saturday is Cayman's benefit. Monday Matt and Jami will be in town. But from then....what will I do with my time? Crystal is taking next week off of work so I don't have to work all week. I'll be cleaning and getting everything ready for her arrival. But the craziness from the previous few months is coming to an end. My first due date is a week from today. I am having some contractions and lower back pain....but I'm anticipating the September 3rd date....I think just to keep myself sane if she doesnt arrive by next Wednesday. Dr visits are every week now, but only an hour out of the day. My shower can only be bleeched so often and we only go through so many clothes that laundry can't be redone. I'm to the point where I am rewashing her clothes just so they have that fresh laundry smell and softness. I am literally driving myself crazy trying to come up with things to do. Taking walks and praying! What more can I do? How much longer will I be doing this? And then will I be able to transition from all this busy work to just sitting on the couch cuddling my little girl? That's the time I will take to relax. When I went to grandma's to pick up the apples, she asked me if I was sure I was feeling up to it. I stopped to see the kids before they left for Florida and my brother-in-law says, "dont you know your pregnant? You are F*#*ing crazy." because I want to take them to the zoo when they get home. But honestly, until the day comes when my baby is born I WANT to be busy!! I feel better when I am going, going, going!! When she comes I will take the time to cuddle her, go for walks with her, nap with her, bathe her, read to her. She will be my life then!!! But until then...I think it is safe to say...my patience that I once had...it's out the window, completely gone!! I've failed this test! And will continue to be an antzy, busy body until the day...I can wake up and say....TODAY IS IT. TODAY IS THE DAY. My life will change forever TODAY!!! And TODAY will be my baby's birth day!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy 30th!!

First off, I'd like to say HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY MOM and DAD!!!!

Now, my pregnancy.....it seems like things have haulted a little bit. Yesterday I had some very unexplained vomiting again that was just as bad as the beginning of pregnancy. I kinda forgot how much one could release at one time!! Okay, so u're probably thinking TMI. Sorry. Since I've been drinking more water the contractions have not been as bad and now feel just more crampy. So, yes, I do believe that I was near dehydration yet again. I just cannot drink my fluids as I should. By the end of the day my feet are exhausted and I need to sit and take a break for a bit. Last night was kinda rough. Got home and after making supper we went straight to our patch of corn and helped husk. We got 9 bushel last night (a bushel containing 60 years) and then went home and cleaned and cooked, cut off the cob and froze for the winter. It was quite fun actually. So, how old does that make me sound? (the 9 bushel was split between my mom my sister and i) So I was standing the entire time at the stove. Then it was dishes, cleaned my bathroom, and folded my laundry. So I was beat!! This morning I've had a few contractions. I almost just wish the contractions would either go away or be here full force. Then it'd give us a little better idea as to when our baby is coming!! Since we have 2 due dates, one only being 9 days away and the other being 28 days away we have no idea when to expect her. AND I HATE NOT KNOWING!!!!!!! She has been kicking lots tho!! I havent really felt her turn or flip or anything just kicks!! Which at my last visit the dr said she was in position....so that could explain it!!! Goodness, I'm just soooooo ready!!! :-)

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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