Monday, March 1, 2010

Something good!

We have almost hit the 6 month mark since our accident and finally something good has come! Nicholas has headed back to work today. We really aren't sure how this is going to go, because his hip is still very weak. He says he feels as if the bone in the femur has healed mostly, but he says "I'm pretty sure my muscles are torn to crap." During the craziness of the accident, while waiting for people to arrive, Nicholas tried to get to Ashalyn and I. With his first attempt he tried to stand up and fell down. Tried a second time, and fell again. So he looked down and say his toes behind his heals. Now that seems impossible, but his femur (main bone in the leg) was completely snapped into 3 pieces and one piece was crushed, so his leg twisted and kinda dangled there, also trapped in the back of the drivers seat. To get a little of a visual (warning...this is a little graphic) this is a picture that my uncle took before the van was hauled off to be totaled. But this is the back of the drivers seat where Nicholas landed. His leg was traped in the seat and if u see the two metal bars going down the back, his impact completely twisted these bars. They had to use jaws of life to get him out.

Anyways, my point in this, Nicholas truely feels that if he wouldn't have tried to stand he'd be healed by now. He's convinced that him standing tore his muscles for good. Now we don't have any medical proof to this, but he is convinced that his leg won't ever be the same! We just praise God for the healing that has taken place. The entire way to the hospital he was pretty sure his leg was going to be praise God that was not the result. I've been sending up prayers left and right for him today. We need him to return because our financial funds are running low, but I just want him to make a complete recovery and not have to be in the pain he's in. He works in a factory so he's on his feet 8 hours a day on concrete. So I'm praying for as much comfort as possible and that he can continue to heal even after his return!!
I am so incrediably proud of him though. He has had his down days, but for the most part has stayed pretty positive for all he's been through!!! I lvoe you Nicholas!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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