Friday, March 7, 2008

had to call the doctor

After severe headaches all throughout the day yesterday and the day before, I decided it was best to call my doctor. My headaches were causing me to throw up continuously and leaving everything blurry. With this pregnancy I have developed migranes. I have never had a problem with migranes prior so I guess I just didn't think it was possible. The nurse said it is very common for pregnant woman to get their very first one. All i know is MIGRANES SUCK!! But in the meantime, we were talking and he is starting to feel it is possible for me to also have hypoglecemia. So a week from today I have to go in and get my blood tested for low blood sugar and diabetes. This is also common in pregnant woman and I have a history of it back in high school when I played sports. So he is just gonna check and make sure that it has not become a factor again. If that's the case I will then have to be monitered more closely and go in for more check ups during pregnancy. This will explain a little of why I have been vomiting so much and feeling so yucky!! I am getting so anxious to have this baby.....ha, and I have a long ways to go yet!! The great thing though is we have so many friends also getting ready to deliver. That seems to be helping me be patient!!! John and Becky had a leap year baby, mike and kristen will be delivering next week, shannon in the month to follow, then elizabeth, then katie and then finally my turn!! Then we will be having a niece or nephew a few short weeks after ours is born!! How exciting!!!!!

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