Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hospital visit

Sunday was a rough morning for me. Actually got up to head to church but began to crave chocolate chip cookies. On the way to the store to get some, I began vomitting again. Church was no longer an option so I went home and went back to bed. Woke up again vomiting, but refused to spend my entire day laying around. So I forced myself to get up and clean my house. I mopped my floors, did my dishes, and cleaned. But then got an urge to make a huge supper, so we invited my mother-in-law and sister in law over. Shortly after supper, Chelsea got the urge for Dairy queen and so her and Nick went to pick up ice cream for everyone, meanwhile Carla stays back and helps with dinner dishes and I find myself right back in the bathroom, but this time with severe cramping. Carla called Lindsey at the hospital to ask her about it and all the nurses said I needed to get into the hospital...so as soon as Nick got home we headed up there. We arrived in the ER at 9 and by the time they figured I needed to be omitted for the night it was 2am. I once again was dehydrated from all the vomiting and my white blood count was very elevated; which means my body was fighting off some sort of infection. The ER doctor came in saying, I have some good and bad news....good news, we are gonna take u upstairs so u can be monitored, bad news....we think your appendix is about to go. But being pregnant they were unable to do a catscan so they just watched me. Now, this explains all the sickness. Over the night and thanks to the iv bags, my count began to drop again. Which began to rule out appendix. Come to find out there my cervex is inflammed from the pregnancy which is why I have been so sick and will continue to have discomfort throughtout. I have an appointment this friday to discuss further options.

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