Thursday, March 6, 2008

first blog on pregnancy

I have a few friends that blog here so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been keeping a calender for my baby of different things but it doesnt really allow me to write much and actually blog about how I'm feeling. I am so blessed to have a precious little one growing inside me, but I will be honest, sometimes it just gets me down. I feel like I can't go to anyone about it because every woman that has been pregnant has been here before and I dont want it to seem like I have it any worse or better than they do. I never really felt for those pregnant woman that are constantly sick until I've been through it myself. I always would tell my friends, but look what you will get in the end. Now, when people tell me that I just want to smack them. I understand that when that day comes this is all going to be worth every trip running to the bathroom, every second hurled over the toilet, every headache, and every meal I havent been able to enjoy. But right now, it has been so hard for me to even get excited about my pregnancy. I feel like I've had it all, the flu, dehydration, bladder infection, sinus's all been there. Everyone tells me, it's gonna get better soon, but it looks like there is no end in sight. I've had two scheduled visits already where we have listened for a heartbeat and then had an ultrasound. We have not been able to find the heartbeat either time, which causes a little worry from me, but they say it still could be early. I am just so ready to feel or hear something that outweighs the throwing up, nauseua, headaches, etc. I promise all these blogs won't be this discouraging. I am super excited and feel super blessed to be carrying one of God's children. It has been one of the best experiences overall and I will share the positive too. Today has just been a rough day!!

Things I am praying for:
*a strong healthy baby
*for Him to prepare Nicholas and I for parenting
*for all the other mom's out there pregnant and carrying children that could grow up to be friends of our little one
*nourishment of my body so that the baby can take what he/she needs

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