Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am pleased to announce....

We have fully been approved for adoption!!!

Well, I guess I should say we have advanced on to the next phase. As people there has been no doubt of Nicholas and I as parents I guess. Our application was approved!
With that letter we were thrilled...but also overwhelmed already.

The emotions that play into this have hit hard. While reading of our different options we learned of 387,000 open cases in the United States of families and children awaiting adoption. That makes me so sad. I don't know how we will ever be able to say no to any case that comes our way when hearing those numbers. Just out of curiousity Nicholas and I clicked on some of the "waiting children" profiles and we wish we were millionares. We wish we had room for several of them. We wish more people would open up their eyes, hearts and homes to this large number.

But we know that adoption just isn't for everyone. And that is something we are learning faster than I ever imagined. The response from people saying "that's just not for us, but we'd love to help out in anyway we can". Honestly when we sent in our application fee of $250 we knew that was just the beginning. We knew there would be chances for grants once we had our home study. But we also knew we were in a long financial journey...and then it all began.

Just this week we got our first financial responsibility....$3500 to enroll in the first class. They don't hold your spot until you make the payment and it only goes to the first 15 couples. Then $2500 for the next class. And after that then we can apply for grants.

At first, a little overwhelmed we got our heads together and started brainstorming different ideas. We were given a list of fundraisers...but I am finding it hard to ask for money for my child...so with us not really caring for many of the fundraiser ideas...we came up with some ideas that we know are more our style and fit into the things we love to do as a family anyways. Our first event is going to be a parents night out. I got an overwhelming response to this, but mostly for seperate groups that we will host on different nights. Ashalyn loves LOVES loves to paint and we love to do it with her...so we are doing a paint party and movie at our house while the parents can enjoy a night out without the kids! Can't wait for that!!

Next we will be hosting a yard/bake sale where we will be going through our house from top to bottom and getting rid of any unneeded items. We have been debating doing this anyways because of the "living with little" theory of getting out of debt. I have had several people contact us already with donations to our sale. We are very grateful to people for that. So if there's things you need, come on out when we have it...there will be lots of good items. We are even going to sell our one car...going to a one car household for the time being. I stay home during the day so anytime I drive somewhere it's when Nicholas is home from work. And when we bring our baby home we will need a bigger vehicle anyways!

And finally....you all know how much I LOVE to coupon. With every shopping trip my savings is usually at least $50.00. So we have a coupon savings fund that we are starting...all the savings I generate I will then write a check to our adoption fund for half of that amount. So really we're still saving on our grocery bill but half of that savings will be put towards our adoption. And hopefully we will have the initial $6,000 before long!! We will then try gift of adoption and a few other non-profit organizations that help with the last half of the cost.

In a way it is overwhelming, but mostly I think it is sad that the cost to give a child a home is so high. I'm willing to bet that that is the exact reason majority of the people that say it's not for them feel the way they do. We are sooo excited and anxious for this journey. And pray each day that the financial burden doesn't get us down!! We are determined to find ways to make this happen!! Thank you already to all that have prayed for us in this way!!!

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