Wednesday, May 12, 2010

where to begin

I'm not even sure where to begin at this point. I knew the next month was going to be crazy but seriously, come'on! I was super excited about the months ahead because we had so much going on. I definately like living the fast paced life, but I will be glad when July rolls around. I signed up to help out with different church and community events and they all fall in June, with lots of prep work the months leading up to it! But this blog post brings me back to a post a few weeks back about us moving.
We had met with a loan officer and at this point everything had to be put on hold. All dating back to our accident. As some may know, insurance adjusters DO NOT CARE that they are putting your life on hold when they take their time with a settlement. Very few of our hospital bills have been paid yet....and we were advised NOT to pay them. So, we wait. We wait for the insurance company of the at fault driver to step up and pay the bills. Which in turns, shows up as "pending medical bills" on our credit report. So that credit score that we worked so hard at keeping up is now being destroyed as I type this. Not a whole lot more discouraging as that, as it will affect the rest of our lives.
Now, some may be thinkin'....why would you not pay them. Let me give you a brief insight of what we are looking at. All 3 of us were lifeflighted at $8,000 a piece. Nicholas and Ashalyn were transported to the local hospital first by ambulance at $7,000. Ashalyn's pediatric ICU bill was $17,000, not including her drs, tests, medications, etc. That was for her bed alone that she did NOT sleep in much of the time. I had a fractured skull and the head scan alone was $5,000. Not to mention my 3 surgeries, Nicholas' 4 surgeries, our ICU stay, our Emergancy room appearance, our tests, catscans, xrays, therapy from OT, PT and Speech pathologist. Our continued visits following the accident. And so on. We are ever so greatful for Sauder Manufacturing that picked up and covered most of our bills through our own health insurance...but we are still looking at $70,000 out of pocket at this point. So I am praying and hoping the insurance company steps up real soon.
With all that being said, we have accepted the fact that our current living situation is best for us for now. Or at least we thought!!! Last night our landlord called us and said that their daughter would like to buy the house we are living in and we have til the end of July to find a house and move out. So now we are back on the hunt for finding a place to live. Do we continue our life around here, or do we go back to that last blog about moving away and following certain dreams? We feel almost as if God's saying, "would you listen to me already?" But after we met with the loan officer I turned down the teaching job. So now we're not sure where we will head from here, but in the middle of babysitting, Bible School, Friendship Days, weddings, planned vacations to visit our parents, (it's canning and freezing season too!) we will be house hunting, packing, moving, unpacking, etc. All while trying to yet decern God's calling! Prayers!


Chris said...

You guys need to follow your hearts. As you all know life is way to short and sometimes you just need to do it.
My husband left a good job to become self employed and it has all worked out for the best. Yes I do work full time but even if I did loose my job it would work out fine. Sometimes change is for the best and the Lord does know what he is doing no matter what we think is right. Keep praying about it and I'm sure you guys will make the right decision. Tell Nicholas that Todd and I say hello. We think about you guys often.

Kristen said...

Wow, that's a lot of busy-ness and uncertainties. I'm sure all those decisions weight greatly on your minds. I'll be prayerful that God shows His plans clearly to you.

Your Mother said...

Valerie, I keep telling you that God has a plan for you and your family. You need to keep trusting in the Lord and leaning on him for your strength. God will open doors for you when the timing is right. Keep praying because God does answer prayers, but it is in his timing and in his way. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Before I even read your blog today I want to tell you that I love your background.

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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