Monday, March 15, 2010

A Promise I am Holding onto!!!

There's just way too much from our past week to blog about. We had a fabulous week together with Nick's dad and step mom and sister, as well as with my parents at their new place. Travels went well, we ate really well, and enjoyed much needed fun together! We ice fished, snowmobiled, played the wii, went sightseeing, built a sand castle (yup it was warm enough to go to the beach!) built snowmen (and painted them too), played at the waterpark, decorated easter eggs and watched lots of Ohio State basketball. This week was a blast, but yet was extremely difficult. Sunday marked the 6 month anniversary of Miranda's birth and death but also the 6 month birthday celebration in Heaven!! On the way up there Nicholas and I started reading a book that was given to us called, I'll hold you in Heaven. And this week that illustration was poured upon us in many ways. The church service on Sunday was talking about as Christians we are given that promise to see our loved ones in eternity. Our entire row was in tears, it just happened to be on the Sunday we needed reminded most! And then on the we write her name in the sand I was reminded that it wasnt the end....I will hold my baby girl again. On the way home we finished our book and again was filled with scripture with the promises we are given as a Christian that even though my baby didnt take a breath she was a being from conception and was taken to be with our Lord and is there waiting for her earthly mommy and daddy to join her!
It's still something I struggle with though, being here without her. Our vacation was a vacation, but not a family vacation...we weren't all there together in person. I laid awake still many hours thinking about her, as well as worrying about our other sweet baby that has yet arrived. But I have been comforted a little this week with the promise of getting to hold her and getting to know her in my eternal life!!! I praise God I am a Christian and He gives us those promises!!!!

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Kristen said...

I remember after Derek passed away that was thing that comforted me the most, knowing that my grief was for just awhile. I still had hope of seeing him again, thanks to Christ, we are eternal beings!

I kept up with your statuses on facebook. Your vacation sounded wonderful. What a wide spectrum of experiences, from ice fishing and snow, to sand castles at the beach! How amusing!!

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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