Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tomorrow is the day that we will "lay to rest" our third child. It will be a sad day, but yet a day of closure I think. We have come to really be thankful we chose what we did. We met with the funeral home directors where Briley is...and we are not cremating our baby. That was our big concern. We were under the impression that that was our only option because of the size....but that was wrong...and cremation is what we really were hesitant about. We are very much so at peace with our decision now. We are having a private burial with just us, but it's what we feel will be best for us in our grieving process.
Nicholas had his doctor appointment again today. The doctor said his break is 95% healed, but he can quit therapy now! We were aiming for 100% but giving the fact that his femur was broke in 3 places we are happy with the progress...Nicholas was a bit discouraged though as he's still limited to what he can and cannot do yet. But I am so so proud of him and how far he has come.
As far as for us and the grieving process...I really feel that we are both doing very well. Don't get me wrong, it's still tough and we miss our children dearly, but we have finally come to feel a peace in knowing we will see them again soon!!

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Mom said...

What a sad day it must have been to again bury one of your children. Praying that your days ahead will be filled with joy and love. May the beauty of the earth bring you reminders of how awesome of a God we have. Blessings to your family, Nick, Valerie and Ashalyn this spring season as you see the birds, butterflies and the beautiful sunsets. Love you and pray for your family constantly.

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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