Monday, September 8, 2008

She has arrived!!!

It's been awhile!! And I reread the last post and it's kinda crazy I posted that. I think I knew that morning that it was time. I took an extra pair of pants to work with me, i just had that feeling that my water could break at work any time. And then all day i was just itching to have her and had this unexplained energy. I was very uncomfortable. And sure enough, 20 minutes after I got home from work what I thought was the horrible, uncontrolable bladder of a pregnant woman came and never went away. Slowly my water started leaking. And within 5 minutes of being at the hospital it bursted everywhere. We went in because we were unsure, but prior we went to walmart so Nicholas could get some things he needed. I stayed in the car because there was NO CONTROLLING my "bladder" (that's what i thought it was.) Then we went to the hospital and as soon as they got me in a delivery room to be checked my water immediately began to flow very at this point there was no going home. I started on pitocin immediately because I was not having any contractions on my own and I had 24 hours to work with from the time my water broke. I wanted to do it all natural, no epideral, no pain meds, nothing. After about 17 hours of contractions and no sleep I decided to do nubane. That helped a lot and relaxed me a little. Then at 24 hours they checked for infections because my water was now broke for the 24 hour period. Baby Ashalyn was still sunny side up as they say and was not able to make her way into the birthing canal. So at 28 hours I was given the option of an epideral to try and help get her in the correct position and to start making her way through...and if nothing in 4 hours I would go c-section or I could just skip the epideral and go c-section right away. about an hour prior to this choice they gave me, we lost the baby's heartbeat and I was put on oxygen for the remainder of the labor. Now, let me tell u, when u are in the middle of contractions the last thing you want is to worry about your baby and this stupid mask right in your face 24/7. Not just the mask was annoying but the tank of air was also a pain and just in the way. So....a little frieghtened for my baby's sake....we chose to do c-section right away. The staff seemed pretty sure that it would be csection either way so it was just a matter of deciding whether we watned an august 20th bday or a 21st bday. We both were concerned about our baby's health and the stress on her, so we chose to go now. From the time they told me to the time I was cut open and Ashalyn was delivered it was less than an hour. The on call surgery team was called in and we got the "party started". I was awake during the surgery and it was actually one of the most amazing things in the world. They had a blanket up so I could avoid seeing, but there was a mirror there if I wanted to watch. I watched for a little after she was pulled out and they were stitching me up. Before that I kept my eyes on Nicholas and just anxiously awaited a cry. I felt them tug the incision open (didnt hurt tho...i was numb) and i felt the pressure lifted when they pulled her out. "you have a beautiful baby girl." "She's at least 2 1/2 weeks early." "she looks like dad" "5lbs 12 oz." all these things were great to hear but her cry was the most beauiful noise ever!!! Hearing her and knowing she was here and would be in my arms in a matter of minutes was truely amazing. Now I had an hour in recovery before I could hold her. During the operation my arms were strapped down to the table, but nicholas was able to bring her to me so I could see her, he just had to hold her. So while I was in recovery (sleeping of course) they did her vitals, warmed her, bathed her etc. while our families looked in. nicholas was able to be with her at all times but he wouldnt allow anyone to hold her until I got to first. I am so thankful for that!! I cannot even express how blessed we are and how great of a feeling it is to be "mommy!" But for now I must get back to motherly duties and feed my precious little one!!! more to come later.

Ashalyn Faith Rice
5 lbs 12 oz
19 inches long

Until I can post more, please keep little Ashalyn in your prayers! Ashalyn was born at 36 weeks gestation, meaning she was 4 weeks early. (yup, none of our due dates given to us were correct.) Praise God she was healthy and did not need the extra care that some preemies need. Before we left the hospital her bellirubben count was high but not to the point that she needed under the light, just to come back for another checkup in 2 days. This past week she fought an upper respitory infection from her low birth weight and the changing weather. We left the hospital at 5 lbs 5 oz but at her 2 week checkup she was up to 6lbs 5 oz. She gained a whole pound and we are so proud of her. However, from her URI she has not been eating very well so we continue to pray for the nourishment she needs and continuing healing of her small body. We pray that he lungs continue to develop and we can avoid any further respitory problems.


Rashel & A.D. said...

congrats nick and val!!

I've been working in the nursery and with the moms post partum. Isn't a new baby such a blessing! Praying for her to stay strong and healthy! I want to see some pictures when you get a chance:)

Rashel Mendoza

Kristen said...

I've missed "seeing" you online...I've missed your blogs and my blog comments. I've been thinking about you guys and wondering how everything is going. Once things get more settled in a routine we should plan some time together. We miss you guys! Truth is I just want to hold Ashalyn again :o).

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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