Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have officially lost my mind! It took me all day today to figure out my password to here. Then on top of that our friends John and Becky called us up and asked if we could watch their 3 kids for the weekend so they could have a weekend alone at the lake. I was so excited about this. They have a 5th grader, a 2nd (?) grader and a newborn (well, he was born the end of Feb.) I sat and thought and thought and thought...thinking something was going on but could not for the life of me think what. So I said sure...well then remembered Nick is in a wedding this weekend. So unfortunately I probably won't be watching the kids. I was talking to my sister and told her "I'll stop by either tomorrow or Wednesday." She says, Uh, tomorrow is Wednesday!! I've completely lost it, I'm telling ya!! And to top it off...here's another story, the worst one yet.....So I think this story is cute, but it could be just my many many emotions I have running on and on NONSTOP!!I stopped by the post office after work yesterday to get our mail. Normally by the time I get there the post master, Cookie, is gone for the evening. I may have gotten there a few minutes earlier than normal, but it was a little ironic. There was nothing in our box but a little slip to see the postmaster. As soon as she saw me, she says, "Hi Valerie! Just wondering if you happen to know an Ashalyn Rice?" I stood there for a minute to think about it. The name sounded really familiar, but I usually just call her Ashalyn...so being in the midst of small contractions and not really thinkin' I pause even longer and then blurt out, "That's my baby!" Ha, now at this point there are 3 other people behind me, whom all know me. (I live in a very small town with only 200 some post office boxes.) and they are laughing at this point. Cookie then says, "well, she has mail!" Completely confused out of my mind, I just kinda drag out an "okaaaay?" with an extremely confused look on my face. How could she have mail already with no birth certificate, record of her name, nothing. haha!! But it was a very unexpected package from a good friend of mine, an old college roommate!! It was addressed to Mr and Mrs Rice "Ashalyn". The only names on our PO Box though are Nick and myself so that's where the confusion came in at the po. But yes, I am starting to lose my mind, if it hasn't gone completely. But it was such a fun little surprise and Ashalyn's first "piece of mail". So I'm sure I'll some how do a scrapbook page!! :-) Thanks to Emily and her beautiful son Cadyn, who I was told picked out the blankets!!! Made for a fun little day at the post office and a cute little story to tell!!

All these gifts for our beautiful baby from these two wonderful people!! Cadyn and Emily!

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Kristen said...

It's so much fun to get mail like this!! What a cute story!

I hope you have better luck getting rid of the absent minded moments after Ashalyn is born than I have with Cayman. I think I am more forgetful in motherhood than I was in pregnancy. I say that more as a "beware" warning than trying to scare ya :o). As long as you don't forget the baby you're doing good :o).

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Our sweet Miranda


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