Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a little excitement!!

Last night was interesting to say the least. I spent my evening up at the hospital under the impression that we just might have the baby. 2 nights ago, while going for a walk my stomach started contracting. Pretty consistant about every 4-7 minutes. They were doable though. So I kept walking. Then something strange and unusual began to happen. My entire stomach hardened just like a contraction but it never released. I walked for another 20 minutes thinking that would help. It didn't hurt, it was just the pressure was uncomfortable. So as I'm walking it gets harder and harder.
After 30 minutes like this Nicholas convinces me to at least call up to the OB department at the hospital. It rang and rang. Receptionist said they were in the middle of delivering a baby so I just decided to head home from the walk, take a shower and head to bed. By the time I took my warm shower the hardness slowly would release and then come back, release and come, etc for about 15 more minutes but only staying strong for a few seconds this time.
During the night then I was awaken by 2 different contractions and then 2 in the morning. I got to work and as I am talking with Crystal I had another one that I just talked my way through. I did not want to leave her with no sitter for the day so I didn't even mention it. Went through out the day, and my stomach continued to harden for great lengths of time and mom finally convinced me to call my doctor. And of course, it was his day off. I left a message with what was happening and said, but I see you on Friday so unless I hear from you I'll just wait til then, not thinkin' I'd hear anything because it was his day off. A
bout 4 hours later I received a phone call from the on call dr. saying his nurse happened to listen to my dr. voicemail for some reason (usually doesnt happen) and he decided I must go to the hospital and be hooked up to the monitor. If there was any stress on the baby we would be delivering! So...I fire off a text to Nick at work and tell him. I was still at work and had about an hour to go yet so I just waited it out. Nick went home and had time for his hair cut appt. that he had scheduled so I told him to go. That gave me time to go home after work get a bag completely together, the car seat, etc. just in case.
So now at this point I am hooked up to the machine and at first the contraction part of it was going crazy. (My stomach was still hard but not releasing like a normal contraction would.) It never really calmed down until the nurse brought me some water and I started drinking that. They gave me one of those huge mugs and told me to finish it. I stayed hooked up for a little over an hour and by the end my stomach was softened and baby's heartrate was good they said. The contractions at this point were at a consistant timing but the moniter read them as straight up and then right back down after a few seconds.
According to the nurse we are nearing the end but not quite there yet. Which is fine, we want to at least wait til August 3rd, for baby's sake and so Nick can get paid to take an entire week and a half off with me and baby!! He is able to take the 6 week family medical leave with me but unpaid, but we decided the paid week and a half is enough.
Finally, the on call dr. called in to see how I was doing and gave them permission to release me. I was given orders though. 4 huge mugs of water a day and stay off my feet as much as possible til my appointment with my dr on friday. I don't understand that one but he went to school just a little longer than myself so I guess he probably knows a little more than me! I always thought it was a good thing to walk and keep active while pregnant. I've been walking lots!!
I will start wrapping this novel up, but a few more thoughts. Last night Nicholas and I got to listen to our baby's beautiful heartbeat for over an hour straight. That was so amazing and actually made us all the more anxious for her arrival. I realized last night the importance of having a bag and everything ready. If I would have been truly in labor I think I would have delivered either at home or in the car on the way. And finally, it was so GREAT to hear the nurse say when she was checking me, "Baby is there!!" So now it's just waiting!! It could be a few weeks yet, but she's getting into position and ready to grace us!! It is such an AMAZING feeling and blessing knowing soon she will be out of the womb and in our arms!!!!!!

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Kristen said...

Holy Cow! I would have been telling you to get your cute pregnant body to the ER! Do not wait for a dr. that is out of town, or for a haircut!! I'm so glad waiting did not put you or Ashalyn in danger. I know you can hear and read about babies born this early and they were ok, but there's enough that just aren't ready to be born yet. Take care of yourself and be very cautious. I know you want your baby in your arms, but if Ashalyn comes out too early and cannot breath on her own or other complications because her liver and other organs are still developing she could be shipped off to Toledo while you are still in the hospital at Wauseon. That happened to a friend of mine. It was sad!! Please, don't wait for someone to convince you to call the dr. Don't be afraid of being viewed as one of those over paranoid pregnant women. This is your baby's life you're talking about it! You are entitled more than anyone to be a "worry wart".

Walking or exercising in pregnancy is good if you did it before you were pregnant and all the way through. My doctor always told me not to start any new activities if my body was not use to them. So if you just started walking a lot here at the end you may want to not do as much. You could talk to your doctor about it on Friday and see what he thinks.

I'm not yelling at you. I hope you know that. I know it's hard to understand "tone" through just written words. I want you and Ashalyn safe and the healthiest possible...and Daddy Nick able to be with both his girls in the same room after she's born. That's such a beautiful thing!!

I love ya girl! Pat Ashalyn for me!

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Our sweet Miranda


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