Sunday, January 23, 2011

change is good

I guess it's time for another update. We have lots of people that have been asking us what is going on with the foster care/adoption now that you are pregnant!

As I have mentioned before we feel that we are being called in this area and we are still pursuing it. There was a hold up on our licensing paperwork but that has officially come through. So we just have a few more (2 days) of training hours and our fire inspection had expired. So now we are just down to the nitty gritty. So yes, we will officially be licensed before Baby Kynzie arrives.

As far as life, Nicholas and I HAD to sit down and evaluate the things that were important to us. It's not even possible to explain the way we feel about things. We have so many ups and downs and in betweens. But we truly realize how much our life has changed, which means we have to make the adjustments needed to keep us truckin' along. We agree, we have changed! Dealing with grief and the unexpected sadness of this world has changed who we are....and in a sense we let it change the things we do. We don't hop in the car and pull away without saying a prayer's kind of become my seatbelt habit! We think twice about making unneccessary trips out. Therefore our life has changed so much.

We started to believe that if we went out and did these things we would appear "too happy" and as if we have forgotten. At Christmas, a family member said to us (mind you, she doesnt quite think sometimes) "I am so glad you are having another girl, it will help you to forget!" WHOA!!! That scared me, I don't want to forget! Miranda is my baby and ALWAYS will be. But, it doesnt mean our life on earth has to stop. We have begun to make many changes to move forward a little. We are anxiously awaiting another girl (not to replace but to join our family!!) We are seeking a new church family where we want to feel like we fit and to have that intimacy of a close group of loving caring Christian friends. We have a goal for this year to get back in the routine of calling friends up to hang out and have playdates. We are going to make LOTS of bigtime changes, based upon OUR decisions and what we believe is best for us and our little family. We are hiring a sitter for at least every other week (other than family members) to watch Ashalyn so Nicholas and I can begin dating again and continue to grow in our marriage. (something that is very easy to forget when you are grieving!)

There's a lot about to change in our life all at once but I really feel that it is going to make for a much better and happier year to come!

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Kathy said...

Praying for you and your family as many changes unfold in your lives. May you find peace and happiness this coming year as you grow in your Christian faith together. Blessings to you as we wait for Kynzie's arrival. Dad and I are anxiously waiting to met your precious Kynzie. Love to you and yor family. Love you. Mom

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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