Friday, May 21, 2010

Can you really get all that stuff that cheap?

So, after my last post I got an email on facebook. (I had several ppl message me, but this one stuck out) The email said, "did you really get all that stuff for that cheap?" Well, yes I did. So like I said, if you have an hour or two in your week to sit down, look at the ads, make a list and find the coupons it's worth your time. But to show this person that it can be done, here's a look into my shopping trip tonight.

I took the time to go thru the Meijer ad and find items that I knew I would use that were onsale. Then I went through my coupons I collected from the Blade over the past. Then on top of that I use, and So with this shopping trip I got...

*box of guaze (Free)
*Kid's Neosporin
*2 pkg of Oscar Meyer Hotdogs (2/$0.98)
*Loaf of Aunt Millie bread ($0.79)
*Aunt Millie hot dog buns ($0.79)
*big box Velveeta Cheese
*cupcake papers ($0.66)
*tub of country crock margarine ($0.89)
*4 boxes of Orville Popcorn (0.69/box)
*Reynolds Wrap Foil
*Chicken Fries
*Kraft Italian dressing ($0.89)
*Meijer 12 pack Bottled Water (free)
*3 boxes Crystal Light Fitness ($0.33 a piece)
*10 yoplait yogurts ($1.20)
*2 Hillshire Smoked Sausage ($1.00)
*1 shredded cheese
*Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner (I made $2.01 off this product. Onsale
for $12.99, I had a $10 off coupon, plus stacked a $5.00 off coupon on top. got it FREE plus $2.01 towards the rest of my purchase.)
*2 Taco Seasoning mix (made $0.48)
*Kit Kat (Ashalyn picked out...not on sale!)
*1 box ziplock freezer bags

Total amount I paid = $41.10
Total Coupon Savings = $63.77

So yes, it is possible to get all that for that cheap!!!! And that's why I recommend couponing!

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