Thursday, March 4, 2010

Testy Toddler = Time out for Mommy!

This is going to be a random post....but boy do I need to blow off a little so I can maintain my patience. It takes an extreme lot for Ashalyn to be put in a time out....but today, she is definately testing mommy's patience. Now, the beginning of the week she was great, but I'm wondering if it's starting to affect her with Nicholas being gone so much. Monday, Wednesday and Friday he has work and then therapy, with Wednesday night church also. Tuesday and Thursday he works then goes to class. She's been used to seeing him all day and all night for the last 6 months. So, last night she did not see him hardly at all, so I'm hoping thats the reasoning behind today. We have managed to dump our milk all over the floor, purposefully!! (she is on an open cup now and we have not had any troubles with this...I know she's still young so I expect accidents, but that's how she learns.) However, today she yelling, "mom, mom." As I look to ask what she wants she tips the cup slowly and watches the milk pour to the floor. Not a big deal I wipe it up and explain we can't dump our milk, we have to drink it. So then the day goes and she's getting a little more testy. I had folded laundry on the coffee table and she put her hand on it, waits for me to say, "Ashalyn." and pulls the entire pile to the floor. I hand her her lunch and she takes the bread and butter and dumps the rest on the floor, the entire plate and all. (Now I must say this was one of her favorites and she didnt even attempt to eat was all within a matter of a minute.) So a bit flustered at this point I ask her to get down from the table. (she ate her bread and was offered the rest that she refused...and ate a good breakfast). Now she's trying to climb on the other chairs, even trying to get on Carson's lap, so I push all the chairs in so she cant climb. (she likes to climb the chairs to stand on the table). Feeling defeated she goes and gets a heavy wooden step stool, carries it to the table and just as she goes to set it down, drops it right on her bare feet. Now her feet are red and puffy and I want to give in because I feel bad...but instead I comfort the tears from her injury and explain to her why I'm doing what I'm doing. Mind you now, it's only 1230 and she's down for an early nap.....I needed a breather because I was starting to show my "stressed parent" side and we all know that's not good. Makes for an even more testy toddler!! Naptime and mommy's relaxing so we can start the afternoon off much much better!!!

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