Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashalyn and her cousins!

Wow, what a weekend!! My sister and her husband left on Saturday with a few of their friends for Vegas and left Brett, Brandon, and Paris with us. We had so much fun with our niece and nephews and Ashalyn had a blast. They left this morning and may I say that my house is now trashed and looks like a tornado literally swept through my house!! But we sure had fun!! My day today will consist of cleaning now, but just a little recap of the week! Saturday night we packed them all in the car and made our way to the Pettisville Wauseon basketball game!! The kids love going to the games, so this I know they enjoyed!! Then Pizza Hut!! Sunday we went to my parents for a little and they played there! Monday I got a sitter (my mom) for while I had my ultrasound and then later that night Paris had gymnastics!! And Nick had church league basketball! So that was crazy and busy!! Last night was just a stay at home and play kinda day, although we did go to Walmart which the kids seemed to love the most!!! I'll admit, it was a little crazy around here, but now that they are gone, it's so quiet that Ashalyn and I don't know what to do!! LOL!! We will miss them being here all the time!!!

Our ultrasound went about as expected!! My OB thought maybe I was about 11 weeks along, since I've yet to have a normal cycle since I've had my csection with Ashalyn, but I was pretty convinced I was only about 8 weeks! The ultrasound showed me at 7 weeks and 3 days, making my due date October 9. Since I went csection, this one also will have to be done the same. So the scheduled date will be earlier than my actual due date, but not sure yet how much earlier. With Ashalyn I went 4 weeks early, so I'm sure he will take that into consideriation some! Even if we are looking at the end of September that puts Ashalyn and Baby 13 months apart so not too bad!! :-) Baby didn't really look like a baby yet, so tiny and just has little buds! But it amazes me even more seeing the early phases of how awesome creating a baby is! The whole process just amazes me more and more ever day!! How baby starts out and then just watching Ashalyn go from the 5 lb 5oz baby girl to our 14 lb 4 oz big girl who is sitting up, rolling ALL over, jabbering, attempting to crawl, and now standing up on her little feet (with help of course). Like I said, the whole process is a MIRACLE and AMAZING gift from God!! To compare our little 7 week 3 day baby in the womb to our 6 month old princess, really makes the birth cycle seem so much more incredible!!

I have been feeling pretty good! I've had a few days where I havent felt the best, but given the craziness I'm going through right now, it's understandable!! This one has been so different from my pregnancy with Ashalyn so far (just the first few weeks) so Boy, maybe? We will see!! Either way, we pray for a beautiful healthy baby!!

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