Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anonymous Comments!!

So, I had a whole blog typed out and tried posting it about how I'm not gonna be writing any more blogs because of the anonymous commenters. Yes, it's okay that i have people reading up on me, I have nothing to hide, but the fact that I'm pretty certain I have my ideas of who it is, I'm gonna stay away from giving anymore details out about my life!! Sorry guys!!!!

To my commenter (if it's who I think it is), I'm flattered that you still care so much, but our lives have led us in different directions. Know that I am EXTREMELY happy with my life and where I am at now!! I have ALL that I could ever ask for and have moved on in life!!!! AND NOW, I believe it's time for you to do the same!

And to the rest that read this and leave me comments here or by email. Thanks for your constant support through my pregnancy and with my dad! And all the wonderful encouragement (mostly to Kristen on that one!!). I wish I could continue to write on here when I need to, but.....for certain reasons, not the best thing!! I'll continue to update life and random things through my myspace and facebook!! Definately feel free to leave me messages there!!!! Or the few that sent me messages to my email, u can still do that! Love ya guys!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry if you thought I was someone you knew! I found your blog through a friend of mine. I meant to sign my name to them. My name is Mandy and I live in Wisconsin. I hope I am not the reason you are no longer posting for friends and family. I had read about your dad and was wondering what was going on with him. I am so sorry! I had no idea. I will steer clear of your blog. My apologies. Also, something that might help is to not allow anonymous posts. I have seen some people do that. I feel so bad if I am who is stopping you from posting :( I meant no harm.

Kristen said...

Noooo!! Stupid anonymous commenters! I want to hunt them down!! I will miss your blog!! I will do my best to catch your updates thru myspace. I'm a total myspace slacker anymore though.

I completely understand your apprehension. Sharing your life publicly through a blog is a very personal thing and you never know who's reading.

Blogger does have some settings that can help you control that. Under the "settings" tab there is another tab marked "comments" and you can choose who can comment. But if you want to tighten up the security a lot more you can click on the tab "permissions" and choose who can read your blog.

Anonymous said...

No worries! I do apologize!! You are welcome to my page wheneever. I hated to delete it but I have lost contact with a very once close friend of mine whom I no longer am able to trust. She had been sending me nasty emails after we stopped talking for a while, pretty much hate emails, but as of late, been finding ways to ask people about the happenings in my life, mostly about my dad, which made it very coincidental. I figured it was just her finding yet another way to get incolved in my life, when I'm far more happy now. Definately feel free to stop by more and leave comments!!!!! :-) do u have a blog of your own???

Anonymous said...

No I don't. I happened to stumble on yours through a friends page. I clicked on someone's link on the side of the page and then another and another. You get the hint :) I have been waiting to see how things were with your dad, but you never posted. So, I commented hoping to find out if he was doing alright. I have added him to my prayer list and just wondered what was going on. Again I am so sorry for causing confusion. I only commented 2 times :( Thanks for the reply though.

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