Thursday, October 2, 2008

loving life!!!

My baby is getting so big. We took her to the dr. for another checkup and at 5 1/2 weeks she is weighing 8 lbs 5 oz. The nurse was so impressed with her weight gain. She definately is an eater!!!! Everyone that stops us to coo over our precious one mentions how tiny she is, but she looks so big to us. It's amazing how much she has changed just in 6 weeks!!! She is so much fun! Ashalyn really is starting to focus and reach for things. Just a few stories....

just yesterday daddy called to talk to mommy on his lunch break. I was feeding Ashalyn so i put the phone up to her ear and Nicholas talked to her. She got all excited, her eyes got huge, got a huge smile, and started to flap outta my arms!!! She really started cooing!! She is definately gonna be a daddy's girl!!

now, not sure if this is cute, or gonna be trouble.....but the three of us were laying in bed reading a story, the phone rang so Nick went to answer it, he walked away and Ashalyn started crying, he came back and she stopped. Later I got up and she fussed. Soon as I came back she smiled again!! Some may say she's spoiled but I just love how she enjoys our family time!!! :-)

and a not so neat story! Archbold has a new nice eatery that we checked out the other night. Through most of our meal Ashalyn slept, but right towards the end she started fussing so I got her out and held her while I finished up. As soon as I pulled her out this table of women a few tables down smiled and talked about how precious she was. After about 2 minutes or so, one got up, came over and tried taking her outta my arms, saying "i can hold her, you eat!!" Wow, i tightened my grip and said, "oh I'm fine, I'm finished eating!" and I pushed my plate back!! I had no idea who she was and I'm sure it was just a nice gesture, but I couldn't hand over my baby to her. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid but I just can't do it!!! I was just blown away by it....almost disturbed by her effort!! I'm sure she meant well...but.....come'on, did she seriously think I'd be okay with that???

And finally, these have nothing to do with Ashalyn, but something I am really looking forward to that I just have to share!!

In exactly one week, I will be writing a check for $148 to finally pay off my car!!!! That frees up an extra $230 a month and will definately help us get my school paid off much faster!! Just this week we ordered the Crown Financial Money Map software from Crown Ministries. I am really excited to get this program started and get all our bills together and get our family budget planned!!!!

Nicholas and I are in our 3rd week of GB56 (the 5th and 6th grade youth program at church!) We have such a great group of kids and we both are loving being sponsors!! They have already blessed our lives tremendously!! We were just talking about how awesome it has been finally feeling "a part" of a church that we love. We have both gotten really involved and are loving it!! Starting in November I am also joining an outreach ministry scrapbooking that will be lots of fun socializing with a group of Christian women sharing in one of my favorite hobbies!! I am also Bible School superientendant, so starting in January Jenni and I will be getting together planning all that!! It is so fun being involved!!!!!

The end of October Nick is starting reffing school. We will be sad to see him leave us on Tuesday nights, but excited that he is getting to finally do something he always wanted to do!! And we CANNOT wait to start going to his games!!!!!

And I think that's all....a very random post, but trying to catch everyone up with the happenings of our life!!!! My how things have changed for us over the past 2 years!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!

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Kristen said...

What a beautiful life you all have! I feel privileged to keep up with your updates.

Ashalyn sounds like she's getting so big. I want so badly to see her! Hopefully soon. We are still getting over our coughs and sniffles yet.

Our sweet Miranda

Our sweet Miranda


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