Thursday, April 24, 2008

a very fast catch up!

I have stopped blogging for awhile for a few reasons. First we have been so extremely busy. We have moved, tried getting everything around for a garage sale that is going on today and been extremely uncomfortable and miserable. My blood pressure has been going crazy...the highest its been is the 159/102 and the swelling has started already. My feet and legs have been huge...there's days where I have no toes it seems! So our last doctors visit was kinda of confusing....and I'm not one to ask guess I am going to have to learn, because i have been thinkin about it non-stop since then. But a friend, that blogs on here, just wrote about journaling throughout her pregnancy and it made me realize the importance of it. Maybe it will help me to get things off my mind and sleep better. A few visits ago, our doctor asked us, do you want to to the AFP test, which determines certain things that could be wrong with the pregnancy I guess. I didn't ask any questions and said "sure" and it happened within a matter of a minute of him asking us. If I would have been given more time to think about it...we would NOT have done it! It's not like the test results would change anything!! Well, at our last visit, Nicholas asked about the test, because we never heard anything. He looked through my file and found the being a little nosey started reading...he had them right there so I could see......and I read lots of not so fun things......the doctor was looking at it for quite some time, so I had a good chance to look....then he says, "I'll be back, i want to check something." and he leaves. All I can think about at the time was what I just read and all the things that came back positive. I instantly grew scared and worried about my baby, and just kept telling myself..."if only I would have thrown up so much, or drank just a little more water, or kept my vitamins down." But then the dr came back in and says...we aren't even gonna go off of this test because it was taken a week too late and there is such a high rate of false positives. But now, I'm past the 16-18 week mark and cant do the test. I'm sure things are okay because if not he would have told me right??? But there still is that question in the back of my mind that will be there til the next ultrasound and he tells me my baby is okay!! The vomiting has slowly resided, but still there. I have my horrible days and my good days!! Still not keeping down my vitamins. My feet are still horribly huge and swollen. As of now though there is not a ton of concern about that, but it does get to the point where I cannot walk on them. But on a more fun side of pregnancy.....the other day I hadnt felt the baby move all day...and at night I decided to put on some Christian worship music at my belly and instantly our baby went crazy!! Moved the entire time!!! Maybe she will be a dancer! Ha, my husband seems to think he is practicing his football moves!! LOL!!! We will see!!! Nicholas was finally able to feel the baby for more than a second this time!!! There are so many things that have made me feel like pregnancy is WAY over rated.....but then he/she moves and makes it all seem worth it!!! I will try to blog more often now and actually will try for it to make more was mostly ramblings and trying to catch up quickly!!!

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Kacey Bode said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Pregnancy is rough but sounds like it is very rough for you! The test - I cannot say enough bad things about it! I didn't have it with my first child, like you said if it came back something was wrong I wasn't going to do anything about it except worry. With Ella, much like you, it was mentioned apparently I agreed and then bam. They told me I had a 1 in 201 chance of a baby with Down syndrome, that is .5% - then they sent us for further testing, special ultrasounds etc and they decided that my risk was back to normal for someone my age which was like 1 in 1500 or something, assured me no Down syndrome and told me to enjoy my pregnancy. Needless to say Ella has Down syndrome. My point is that that test is awful, it has a high rate of false positives and apparently cannot be accurate even when it is positive (.5% HA) anyhow try not to worry!! I had preeclampsia with my son, ugh, not fun!! I will be checking back with you!!

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